Sunday, November 23, 2014

+Of Bizarre Me.

I get caught up on something you couldn't imagine. 
I make mistakes. 
I say things I don't mean.
I don't get any place where I want to take those things back.
And..where am I?

No one DITTO and no one cares. 
( o-oh..Aiman does. )
Sip back my coffee and put my lipstick on.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

+Lesson #1.

So i told my kids while put on a shirt and headband to them.... 

There are going to be lots of hard times in your life,
but those hard times only make you stronger in the end. 
But then..they rebelled and ran to the kitchen.

Monday, November 17, 2014

+Of Hello and Goodbye.

It takes a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye.
Even hard the goodbye is..
In Shaa Allah the great hello will comes.
Just be brave to say goodbye to things that we should suppose not to do or to have.
And Allah will reward you with a new hello.
In Shaa Allah.


Monday, November 10, 2014

+Hello Addae.

Ever since I know about Hello Addae, I keep on waiting their updates on Instagram (@helloaddae).  I just loved how passionate they are on doing and creating their pattern and design.  Every single pieces of 'things' they produced are so utterly authentic, exclusive and got their own signature in there. 
I grabbed a chance to have one of Addae white series oxford shirt with elbow patch on their summer collection 2014.  It's kinda comfy shirt in fact it is limited. And I feel so lucky to have one.
Yeah well..I will always looking forward their next projects and collections. Because you know #katasapot

Monday, November 03, 2014

+Jalora Are All About That Bass.

Okay,,,so where to start? 
Lets start this blogpost with Discount Voucher by Jalora (Zalora).
You might have seen all these pictures from my Instagram posts if you are one of my friends there. 
Yuppies!!......almost all of my shoes and clutches are from Jalora.
As we already know..Jalora got so many varieties brands of clothes, shoes, handbags, clutches, accessories and almost everything you wanted to be fashionable on your daily basis because Jalora are all about that bass *while singing like Meghan Trainor*. 
If you looking for shoes or clutches like mine or maybe more gorgeous from that, simplest basic tees, dresses, candylicous accessories and bracelets or whatever it is ..just simply log on to and you can check all the varieties that waiting for you to pick one or maybe two (or three or moreeeee)  =.P. 
Umi Sue so baik hati tau *cough* sharing with all of you guys out there with 15% Discounts by Jalora. Do not forget to use this Discount Voucher Code : ZBAP16R 
upon your check out and enjoy your 15% discounts.
Yeay! Happy shopping darlings.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

+Of Longest Hiatus Ever.


Its been a while since I posted something here.
It tooks like ages to encourage myself to reblog again.
My cameras merajuk already you know. 
So...yeah..all is new in here.
Maybe I can call it re-branding of
because there is no older posts that ive been sharing before.
I reverted all of my older posts to draft.
Let them be my own personal memories.
Okay..where to start?