Monday, February 23, 2015

+Lesson #3.

Life has an odd way of making things work out in the end.
Have faith. And you will be fine.
In Shaa Allah.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

+Street Vibez Kuala Lumpur.

A hive for street culture and products and it was an awesome big-sale for kicks lovers besides the good musics and dress for impress fashion sense, the Air Botol Sudin was savory tho. Cant stay even longer before we spend lotsa penny there. Looking forward the next event from Malaysia Distro.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

+Lesson #2.

So...Mark Twain told me that..

To get the full value of joy,
You must have somebody to divide it with.


Friday, January 16, 2015

+إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

Maybe I should write it down now because I feel bad and sad like I couldn't take it any longer. Astaghfirullahalazim. On the last Wednesday, 14 January, 2015, my second family had the biggest test from Allah S.W.T., where Kak Lin have to leave us forever. This second family of mine is actually my sister in law's family. Our family are so close. Among my sibling, I am the one who close to my second family where I used to stay with them after I finished my study because I worked at Plaza Sentral where their house is nearer my working place on that time. Therefore, I am so close to each and everyone in that house. They treat me like their own family and it makes me love this family like my own, I swear in the name of Allah S.W.T. I owed a lot to this family T_T.
Kak Lin is the eldest one. So everyone respects her, loves her, cares about her, listens to her. She always gave a good advise to us, her adik-adik. She was an obedient wife, amazing mother and a funniest sister Masha Allah. All relatives and her friends loves her as I can see that with my ownself.  As for myself, she has taught me how to make raya cookies, cakes and shares some recipes.. She is a master of kuih-muih and raya cookies after her mom. I do loveeee her like my own sister T_T. Her son and daughter especially Adam and Syira also like my own nephew and niece.   
Time passes by, I have moved from their house because I got a new job at a new place. But I managed to came to their house on weekend or public holiday or any time whenever it needs me to comes there. As time passes by, I became rarely visit them from every weekend to twice a month and then once a month and somehow once after two months T_T. After I get married, everything is totally changed as I have a new family in my new marriage life. I missed a lot of things about my second family T_T. And my bonding time with Kak Lin also faded.  
Kak Lin has suffered liver cancer. It breaks her family hearts and definitely my heart too. She was too strong. She kept on fighting until her last breath and she even can smiled when the 'times' came to her T_T. It breaks my heart thousand times because I wasn't there with her, with Mak and Abah, Kak Manja, Umi Ain and everyone at the hospital. I came after Kak Lin has transferred to Mortuary. T_T. I got no chances to ask her forgiveness. I got no chances to talk to her for the last time. Im so sorry Kakak.  
Theres nothing I can give you but my prayer, is always for you . Safe journey kakak. I know Allah S.W.T. loved you more than everyone do. Thank you for the short journey and the unforgettable memories. May your soul rest in peace in Jannah as a reward for you for being a good believers to Allah S.W.T, a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter and a good sister.. 
Stay strong Abang Naza, Adam, Syira, Aisar and Akhtar, Mak, Abah, Kak Manja, Abang Mer, Umi Ain, Alip, Johan and all family members and close friends. No one can prepare you for a loss, it comes like a swift wind. But take comfort in knowing that she is now resting in the arms of our Lord. My deepest condolences to all of you. 
"O Allah, forgive Fazlin binti Zakaria and raise her rank among the rightly guided, and be a successor to whom she has left behind, and forgive us and her O Lord of the worlds. Make spacious her grave and illuminate it for her."

Al-fatihah Fazlin binti Zakaria.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

+Coreng Boutique.

So what is your first week of 2015 like so far? I just hoping that everything is fine and smooth as your plan. Excuse me for the tons of pictures I posted here. I just can't help myself from stop taking pictures when I was there because I literally loved every single thing about this boutique.  
This boutique is belong to a humble man with very soft spoken I swear to God. The boutique is actually closed when Aiman and I came. But as a good-hearted man, he opened and rearranged the chairs and stuff for us and not forget to welcoming us. 
This classical boutique is actually started as a group of Ralph Lauren enthusiast and pickers, but now they present us a boutique called Coreng Boutique. Aim in sharing the preppy classic style and the aesthetic element of the timeless Ralph Lauren brand design, Coreng Boutique also offer a variety of incredibly Ralph Lauren Collection around the world at very affordable price. All collections are 100% genuine and will be provided with a money back guarantee.

The boutique is situated right in the Wangsa Melawati centre. It’s light, airy and perfectly laid-out enabling a simple display of all the Ralph Lauren Collections available. Each racks, stacks etc possesses its own personal space where their full ranges of collections are represented. 
About a couple of months ago, Coreng Boutique has opened a new Cafe inside the boutique. The classical of the vintage concept and typical old timer make the boutique Cafe a convivial meeting place where the coffee (of course) and not to forget A&W root beer float can be tasted. You also can come and try their special coffee besides pick your own Ralph Lauren Collection with very affordable price. So....yes? 

Visit their retail outlet at:
Coreng Boutique
No.37 Jalan Dataran Wangsa,
Wangsa Melawati,
53300 Kuala Lumpur .

Friday, January 02, 2015

+Coats/ Blazers/ Jackets --- Woman Must Have!

It is not really late to wishing you guys Happy New Year 2015! Starting our new year by forgetting the negative vibes, not only forgiving people but ask for forgiveness from others too, bring a positive attitude and make resolution to spread happiness. 
Speaking about the new year resolution is 3600 x 4000. pffft . Naah, I'm just kidding. In Shaa Allah I will leave behind my sadness, regrets and painful moment and struggle and working hard to Jannah. Amin. welcome new year at my blog, we will start talking about what's women loved. Of course a piece of cloth and what we call sense. The fashion industry is a very fast paced scene where designers are always providing the best designs of apparels, shoes, accessories for the fashion conscious women. For me, I'm not really into fashion and I will wear a cloth that makes me feel comfy only.  
However, I must tell you that among the various trending fashion items which is gaining a huge attention from me and the modern women are coats, blazers, and jackets. Even the fashion for all these types of outerwear still persist until now.

Denim Jacket as my outerwear.

Coats and blazers are one of the fashion piece which a woman uses to perk up their outfit for a new transformed look. Not only are they stylish but also gives a nice warm feel for a cold day out. For my daily working days, I'm always wearing coats and blazers. It shows the professional looks on me other than that, it gives a nice warm for me because my office is so damn cold. Sometimes I wear blazer for my casual weekend errands.  I love the idea of layering pieces that seem like they wouldn't otherwise it go together.

There are 3 types of jackets that every woman must own in their closet at home. The first jacket which is suitable for women who want to show off their aggressive side is a nice leather black or brown jacket. Any women from any size or skin tone will look fantastic flaunting a leather jacket with blue jeans. The black or brown jacket overlay on top of a plain casual tee can definitely turn a simple look into an improved appearance.

For the ladies who want a boyish outfit look should opt for the old school varsity jacket. Varsity jackets are seen worn mostly by men but women can also rock the fashion piece in their own style. Women can match it with seasoned jeans, hip hop trousers or denim shorts and walk down the streets with confidence. This jacket is perfect for the women who want to feel younger and flash back the memories during their high school years.

However, the third must-have jacket for a woman to add into their fashion collection is a denim jacket. Denim jackets give that sassy chic touch for women who want to appear simple yet stylish every time they step out of the house. Besides that, denim jackets are very versatile to be layered on top of any top designs. 
So lets collect all those outerwear  and wear it for hundred times like who cares because its cool like that. Interested ladies who cannot wait to grab these 3 jackets can check out ZALORA’s coats and jackets for women online collection from various well-known brands. You know, Zalora got all that what you want!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

+Food Mania Festival 2014: Picnic In The City.

I must say that this is a brilliant idea! Numbers of foods in one place while we having a quality moment with family and friends, listening to good musics, lie down to our picnic mat and breathe the urban air. I love food and hey! tell me who going to say no to food?  
The last Food Mania Festival: Picnic In The City was awesome! Besides the comfortable venue itself, theres a lot of food trucks makes us spoilt for choice, cookies and cakes, coolest lemonade, the homemade burgers, nachos region and arhh I lost my words. I still can feel the ambiance when the kids play around the kids corner and laughs out their loud because they having fun, had some chit chat with people we just met on that time and also the awesome playlist they played. Everything seems perfect and cool just the way it should be.  
So this is how we roll our weekend. Thanks to Foodgasm Fest for this awesome festival. Bring us more! 

P.s.: suka sangat jalan-jalan bawak kamera tapi tertinggal memori kad. T_T