Wednesday, January 01, 2014

+Lesson No. 1 for 2014.

So just stop argue with stupid people. They deserve nothing except your LOL.
Don't waste your time.

p.s.1 : you are not a gangster but you are such a loser.
p.s.2 : sudah 2014 tapi masih nak ajak orang bergadoh? #sedehh #superstupid


  1. Sue serius suke gile statement nie! Huhu sy pon tengah menghadapi this situasion nie dalam new year. Arghhh tak faham manusia macam nie.

    Pinjam gambar atas nie for sharing yep :)

  2. 100% true!!!..jemput follow blog saya

  3. ommaiii..mcm jarang2 je tgk sue beremosi macam ni :) sabaq na :)


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