Friday, April 28, 2017

+Hari ini dalam sejarah.

Awal pagi lagi Jane dah buat hal.
These few days Jane was in the mating mood.
So she will keep on meowing to express her feeling and stop only when she feels tired, but then she will continue to meowing as loud as she can and wake our neighbours up for Fajr.
But this morning she becomes extra.
She peed on our bed!
Wadehel Jane????
It was 5 am and not even azan yet but I have to clean the mess.
I locked her at the kitchen balcony, of course with her meals.
Kesian, but I have to.
At least she got the fresh air and bila dia termenung kat balcony tu dia boleh mengenang apa yang dia buat pagi tadi tu is absolutely wrong.
Hahaha. Delusional Umi Sue.

Alahai Jane Jane.