Thursday, April 13, 2017

+Write again.

How I miss my so called journal diary.
Feeling to write everything again here after took a long break.
So..What is up to me right now?

Yeah. I am at my 26 weeks of pregnancy now.
Which I am so thankful for the best gifted I ever had from none other than Allah SWT.
I just can't wait to experience myself being a Mom.
I still figure it out how/what my baby needs to call me.
Is it Mom, Mim, Mommy?
I have no idea yet.
And Aiman also. He looks calmer than me.
I am more excited than himself.
How about his/her name?
Totally got no idea.
But for now, I have started make a few preparation for that day.
You know. The day. (read: takutnya).

May Allah ease everything and may I can go through the rest of the pregnancy weeks without any unwanted things happen.
Inshaa Allah. Amin.