Wednesday, May 03, 2017

+Sleep outside.

Almost every day now since Jane peed on our bed, she has to sleep outside.
She wasn't allowed now to sleep with us.
She even cannot hang out in our room like she used to do.
So she will lay in front of our bedroom's door making cute faces just in case it would change our mind.
So cute.
My heart is so broken whenever I open the door and look at her face.
Sorry to my dear Jane.
But for now, she needs to stay outside.
Sad truth, besides the pee accident, my health were not really good now to tag with her.
Sob sob.
I always thinking what if she knows that I will let Tot take care of her during my confinement....

But looking at her, I think that she really needs a new friend.
How monotonous her life is to stay alone for years with me.
I hope that she can get along with Bong and the rest of the gang then.
And also....I hope that Aiman and Moms allow me to pet Jane back after I have finished my confinement day.